Meditation Classes Brussels
mindfulness meditation classes brussels

Mindfulness Meditation

Every week we meet to practice elements of Meditation together. Exploring different techniques and tools to incorporate Meditation into our daily lives.

moon circle meditation classes brussels

Moon Circle Meditations

This is a moment to come together and practice meditation. It is time together to share insights and bathe in the wisdom of the cosmic forces. It is a moment to feel the healing benefits of shared sisterhood.

A Womb Friendly Manifesto

The Need for womb-friendliness in the yoga world.

Most people on this planet who practice and teach yoga are women. Most of these women have wombs. And many of these women have little clear understanding of the effects of yoga practice upon their wombs.

This is because yoga was originally developed by men for men’s bodies, and has been, until only very recently, transmitted through exclusively male lineages. Traditional forms of teaching yoga are thus likely to have zero womb awareness, so there is much ignorance and confusion in the yoga world about what happens to our wombs when we practice yoga.

The aim of the Womb Friendly Yoga Manifesto is to ensure that every woman who practices and teaches yoga is fully informed about the key techniques to avoid at certain times, so that she may fully respect and honor the health of her womb throughout her life.

When a woman has correct and complete information then she has the power to make appropriate yoga choices herself.

Why bother?

The healthful energies of a woman’s womb are key to her lifelong wellbeing and vitality. In the yogic anatomy of the energy body, the womb is the seat of creativity, fertility, and capacity to nurture and grow new life, new ideas- to manifest.

It is literally the cosmic gateway for SHAKTI (power) within.
Yoga is all about refining awareness, of body, mind, breath, emotions, and energies:

It is about union or re-connection with the source of all life.

To pay no attention to the changing needs of womb cycles is to neglect the very place within that is the source of vitality and well-being. Respect for womb cycles is the foundation of a refined and sensitive yoga practice for women.

I encourage you to make the inner harmony and health of your womb your first priority. I encourage you to practice womb-friendly yoga!

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli,

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

menstrual cycle awareness brussels

In these meetings, I will explain the wisdom and insight we can gain by tracking our menstrual cycle

We also practice yoga Nidra to learn to nourish and respect ourselves fully.

Understanding our cycle is like reading the inner map of our inner horoscope, by getting to know ourselves and respecting this cycle we are creating the opportunity for self-respect and ultimately respect for women in society.