A system of healing & transformation

Would you like to feel connected to yourself again and feel more joy in your life?

Everything you need to heal and claim the life that is destined to be yours is already within you. This simple but powerful message lies at the very heart of Life Alignment to help you do just that.

This modality brings transforming tools from the latest findings in quantum physics and kinesiology in a unique way together in order to optimally support and empower you on your way.

Life Alignment is an Energetic healing modality rooted in ancient healing traditions. By having this “dialogue” with the body’s innate wisdom we can gain clarity into our held patterns that keep us looped in behaviours or moods which do not serve us. When we listen to the deeper layers of our body we can access our ability to heal and release beliefs or traumas that have been “trapped” in our body consciousness.

What happens in a session? A client will lay down fully clothed and we will find a body point – this will allow us to start our inquiry into what our priority point is. Your body goes through subtle energetic shifts. You may experience an intense adjustment or simply a restorative effect.

It takes approx 1hr 30 min

How does it work? With the use of kinesiology, we tune in to your body’s intelligence, and through a system of bio-feedback, we can identify blockages at a physical, mental, and emotional level. Life Alignment will bring to the surface an issue or pattern in your life that you are now ready to shift and then works with energy centers in your body to recreate balance.

valentine goblet life alignment session

75 euros for one session or 180 euros for 3 sessions

Life Alignment