valentine goblet - yoga and mindfulness

The art of yoga allows us space and time to connect to the authentic, true part of ourselves. Our practice is a time to discover and touch into the vast knowledge that is always there!

Today women are being called to re-ignite their inner flame. As women gather together their wisdom surges up from forgotten places. There is a sense of returning home. Returning to our true purpose. We understand the power and importance of cultivating self-love.

Hold stillness so to expand into it.
Allow the seeds of light to grow. Hug, dance, love, know no fear. Accept, Understand and forgive and Love again.

My Story

I started teaching yoga and mindfulness to children. I felt how it ignited the silent intelligence that lived within them. I saw how it worked itself playfully out from their hearts and souls. 

I have been working with Woman’s wellness as well as pregnant and postnatal women for 12 years now and I believe that supporting women at this time, not only benefits the mother’s physical and mental welfare but is one of the greatest supports to the child to develop a healthy emotional and mental life. 

Parallel to yoga came to my encounter with Energetic Healing. I had always been fascinated by ancient wisdom that could use the body’s intelligence to heal itself. LIFE ALIGNMENT gave me the tools, confidence, and security to work as a healer. Life Alignment, the healing modality I mostly work with,  is a module designed and transmitted by wonderful teacher Jeff Levine (my husband gifted me a pack of vortex cards and out of curiosity about these I discovered this healing modality in 2008).

I feel blessed to have traveled and met so many wonderful teachers who have helped me cultivate this growing passion to help, heal and empower women. My principal influences in my yoga classes today are Beloved Swami Sivananda, Scarevelli teachers, my Womb yoga teacher Uma Tinsmore and Buddhist teachers Thich Nat Than, Mingyur Rinpoche.

I live in Belgium with my husband and two boys.