When I look deeply at what makes me spiral into a space of confusion about my life it is often because i am not cultivating the practice of connecting to my life. I mean connecting to the life that is pulsating through my body, around me – visibly and invisibly.

By connecting I mean consciously coming back to the faithful path of mindfulness. Bringing my mind to the instructions of stopping and taking a breath, and then another and another until I feel the paralyzing effects of tension start to melt out of my shoulders and my skin. Then, ond only then, can I start to become conscious of the life being through me.

The primal cause of global warming is the profound disconnection between people and nature. None of us are individuals we are part of a network. You have agency. check out

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I started teaching yoga and mindfulness to children. I felt how it ignited the silent intelligence that lived within them. I saw how it worked itself playfully out from their hearts and souls.